Hide Your Air Conditioner & Create a Beautiful Lawn Posted on January 12, 2016

hide your air conditionerAt North Macon Heating and Cooling, we love air conditioners, but even we admit that they can look out of place in your beautifully landscaped yard. There are several ways to hide your air conditioner and enhance your lawn, but it’s important to consider the health of your unit when trying to cover it. Here are some innovative ways to improve your lawn while ensuring the long life of your air conditioner.

Use Flowers, Shrubs, or Grasses

One way to hide your air conditioner is to plant flowers, shrubs, or ornamental grasses nearby. Don’t plant them too closely though, as your air conditioner needs space to breathe and circulate air.

Try a Vertical Garden

Similarly, use a vertical garden as a fence around your air conditioner. Fill it with lovely flowers and mosses—no one will even notice the unit behind it.

Build (or Buy) a Fence

Some companies make fences specifically to hide your air conditioner. For the DIYer, there are numerous tutorials online about building your own. Remember to leave enough space for your air conditioner to circulate air, and don’t cover the top of it. In order to work properly, your unit needs at least 5 feet of clearance above it.

Use a Faux Shrub Cover

Some companies make faux shrub covers for your air conditioner. They have enough ventilation to ensure the unit can properly circulate air, and they look just like the other shrubs in your yard.

Do a quick Internet search to find several more ideas. No matter what you end up creating, make sure your unit can still be easily serviced. Leave space for repairs, or create a cover that can easily be removed.

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