The Importance of Spring Air Conditioning Maintenance Posted on March 24, 2016

spring air conditioning maintenanceSpring is here, which means it’s time to maintain and service your air conditioning unit to ensure peak performance during hot summer months. Failing to maintain the life of your AC increases your energy costs and decreases the air quality in your home. Plus, regular maintenance prolongs the life of your HVAC unit and prevents costly (and sweaty) breakdowns.

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Air Conditioning Maintenance Statistics

Before we discuss why and how you should perform air conditioning maintenance, let’s look at a few statistics:

  • Your air conditioner loses 5% of its overall efficiency every year it is not maintained
  • AC units that operate at peak performance can cut your energy costs by 25%
  • Replacing dirty, clogged filters can lower your AC’s energy consumption by 5-15%
  • Proper care and annual maintenance can keep your AC running at 95% of its original efficiency
  • A dirty, unmaintained unit must work 20% harder to cool your home
  • Proper maintenance can double the lifespan of your HVAC system

Lower Energy Costs & Raise Air Quality

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, one of the easiest and most important ways you can maintain your air conditioner is by changing its filters regularly. We recommend changing filters every 2-3 months during peak AC season.

Filters that are dirty or clogged block airflow into your home, reducing your AC’s ability to keep you cool. Plus, filters collect dust, dirt, mold, and other harmful substances that impact the air quality of your home.

By replacing your filters every few months, your unit remains efficient and the air in your home is healthier to breathe.

Keep Humidity at Bay

One of the ways your AC keeps you cool is by reducing the moisture in the air. Humidity prevents your body from cooling down, and an air conditioner that doesn’t reduce the humidity in your home will have to work harder in order to keep you cool.

Your AC’s condensate drains reduce the humidity in the air, but if these drains become clogged, your unit can’t create dry air. Excess moisture not only makes you feel hot, but it can also discolor your walls and carpet and lead to mold growth.

Ensure the Life & Warranty of Your Unit

Read the warranty on your AC system carefully: many manufacturers require you to perform annual maintenance. If you fail to properly maintain your unit, you could void the warranty. Unmaintained systems are more likely to fail and require expensive repairs. You might even need to install an entirely new AC. Without a warranty, these items are a large investment.

Not only will the manufacturer honor your warranty if you ensure your AC is properly serviced, but you will likely avoid costly repairs and replacements. Units in good working order last longer and break less often.

Air Conditioner Maintenance from North Macon Heating & Cooling

Maintaining your unit requires more than simply changing filters. At North Macon Heating & Cooling, we perform several steps in order to ensure the life of your AC.

  • Inspect electrical components
  • Check refrigerant levels
  • Look for leaks or other issues
  • Clean condenser coils and drains
  • Replace filters
  • Inspect duct systems
  • Measure airflow
  • Check thermostat accuracy

Our Residential Maintenance Program also includes regular heater maintenance. Plus, you receive benefits such as no overtime charges, 10% off services and repairs, and priority service over non-contract customers. For more information about how we can maintain your residential or commercial HVAC unit, please contact us at 478-405-9599.